[Nut-upsuser] Kill invertor on Powercom 1000VA

Johan Meiring jmeiring at pcservices.co.za
Wed Jul 13 16:35:08 UTC 2011


I have the following issue with a Powercom 1000VA ups.

Details as follows:
Model:  Powercom 1000VA (does not mention WOW, Black Night or anything else)
Driver: usbhid-ups
Nut: 2.6.1
USB Product/Vendor: 0x0d9f/0x0004

The UPS detects power failures, and power back perfectly.
The problem is killing the invertor.

When issuing the "upsdrvctl shutdown" command, the following happens:

-  The beep changes from normal "power fail beep" to a shorter
    "double beep".

-  UPS will then turn off after a very "random" time, sometimes a
    minute, I've also left it for half an hour without it turning off.

- If you reconnect mains, the the UPS keeps on "double beeping".
   (Even if it had turned off after the random time).  The only way
   to stop this is to physically turn off the UPS and back on.

ups.shutdown.delay is set to 10 (I've also tried 60 and 20, the default)

I've stared the code for usbhid-ups.c for a while, but apart from seeing 
that the UPS uses "special bits" in the shutdown time I am no further (my C 
knowledge sucks!)

I am prepared to assist with debugging the protocol if neccesary.

Any advice?



Johan Meiring
Cape PC Services CC
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