[Nut-upsuser] bcmxcp_usb can not communicate with Eaton Powerware 5110

Arnaud Quette aquette.dev at gmail.com
Fri Aug 10 20:58:40 UTC 2012

Hi Massimo and Greg,

@Greg: if you yet returned your unit, you now have a solution ;)

thanks for the effort for the patch!

welcome ;)

> I took most of this afternoon looking at this issue, and this should be
> > fixed with the attached patch
> > It applies fine on 2.6.5, using the following command:
> > # cd nut-2.6.5
> > # patch -p0 < /path/to/xcp-rcv-loop.diff
> > # make
> >
> > I've tested it on a 5110 only currently, so it's not applied to the
> > development tree.
> > for testing purpose, I've also used a byte frame size, to be in your
> > condition (Ie, set the 4th param of usb_interrupt_read() to '8').
> >
> > please tell me back how it behave on RPi.
> > note that I'll probably have to do some code adjustment, and obviously
> > regression testing on other units, before committing the patch to the
> main
> > source tree.
> >
> I applied your patch to the 2.6.5 code and run only the bcmxcp_usb
> driver and... I'm not sure that everything is ok.

sorry, I forgot to explicitly request the trace (debug level 5) to validate
on my side...

> If I run the driver as "./bcmxcp_usb -u root -a ups" it launches, but
> after a second I get a "Communications with UPS lost: get_answer: not
> the right sequence received 0!!!". However the driver seems still to
> keep running.
> I also tried to start the driver under debug (-DDDD). In attachment
> you can see the output (until I typed ctrl-c), that also include some
> some of the 'communication lost' messages.

the driver runs fine. you should get a good upsc output now.
the "Comm lost" msg are part of code adjustments needed, but the code
already handle this fine, and recovers (check "entering get_answer(33)" for

could you please confirm this by sending the upsc output, and starting
upsmon to monitor on the RPi?

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