[Nut-upsuser] Perhaps a Complicated Question

Lee Thompson thompsonl at logh.net
Tue Aug 28 19:45:21 UTC 2012

On 8/27/2012 11:46 PM, FredericBohe at Eaton.com wrote:
> Do you have a ws2tcpip.h file in your mingw/include directory ?

I do. I eventually got around that error by just copying ws2tcpip.h to 
include/sys/socket.h and that seemed to make configure happy.   (An 
inelegant solution to be sure.)

(I tried updating configure to look for ws2tcpip.h but I am just not 
familiar with how configure works I guess.)

Now I'm fighting with libgd (and libpng and zlib).

My Windows NUT cgi compile currently stands at "configure:11012: error: 
libgd not found, required for CGI build".

zlib appears to come with some .lib files already but libgd's cmake 
doesn't seem happy about it.   (Also for some reason, and probably the 
problem, cmake keeps wanting to use Visual Studio 10's compiler instead 
of MinGW's.)

I'll keep trying to get it to work.  The build documentation for a lot 
of this stuff seems very poor so it's a lot of trial and error.  It does 
not help that I'm a Windows developer, not a unix one.

Also, you mentioned running "autogen" and MinGW does include that but it 
doesn't seem to do anything.  It just runs (doesn't seem to do anything) 
until I hit control-c or kill it.

(Also libgd and zlib's websites are currently a mess.   libgd's isn't 
even up, it just redirects to bitbucket's project page.)

(I just wanted to add a NUT CGI GUI UPS monitor to my IIS intranet 
server. lol)

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