[Nut-upsuser] Announce: VMware NUT client for ESXI 5.0

Tmima Pliroforikis Perifereiakis Enotitas Pierias pliroforiki at pieria.pkm.gov.gr
Thu Jun 28 09:18:54 UTC 2012

Arnaud Quette wrote:
> Dear NUT users,
> I recently came across an interesting effort to integrate NUT with
> WMware ESXI, made by René Garcia.
> This is still rough and young, but already providing a good support:
> http://www.networkupstools.org/download.html#_virtualization_packages
> We will work jointly in the coming months, René, Aurélien (from Eaton)
> and myself, with the support from Eaton (which is a VMware partner), to
> improve this integration and deliver the best user experience for power
> management with VMware / vSphere.
> If you're interested in helping one way or another, please stand up.

Don't know if this counts as "help" but since I've got a 5.0ESXi (free 
versio, the vSphere Hypervisor) system , I'd be definitely interested in 
testing this out, provided that the package works also on the free 
vShpere Hypervisor.

I do not speak French, but I can see that the package seems to rely on 
having vCenter available; I don't since this is a free vmware offering. 
I do have VMWare vSphere client installed though, can I accomplish 
configuration with it (not a esxi expert here)?


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