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Peter Gosztonyi peter at gosztonyi.com
Mon Mar 12 07:57:01 UTC 2012

Hi Mat,

I'm certain that in this case "shouting in the forest" will at least attract some attention as it did with you. Though I didn't get the sense that you are aware of a suitable solution, I'll reply out of politeness to your post since you made some efforts.

I certainly understand that some people prefer command line tools, compiling apps and config files and all the other bits and pieces that comes with it. For those NUT migth certainly be a good tool, but there are others that just want to get the functionality in a cost-effective, easy, reliable and safe way. Let's not forget Admins also cost money or in other words time is money not even thinking about TCO. Just to confirm your point, I guess dependent on your background and intentions, you either prefer this or the other way.

Yes, I'm aware that UPS makers offer GUI clients - but most of them aren't able to connect to a remote UPS but are simply designed to support a directly connected UPS. I'm also aware that there are many other aps for all sorts of other operating systems such as Windows, Linux, BSD, etc. But that's not my concern either - I have an iOS server and that's for what I need to find a solution.

In regards to your comment about GPL licensed apps not being available on the App Store - probably worth to mention at this stage that you can get apps directly from vendors and don't have to go through the App Store. I'm not talking about an iPad or iPhone here that are more or less dependent on the AppStore. Mac's are open and hence GPL apps aren't an issue. You don't have to write a "other-licensed" NUT client at all. Having said that I searched the AppStore as the first instance for networkable UPS clients, but unfortunately there is none. 

And last - as to why I would want to do all this? Consumer product or not doesn't matter. The device I want to protect is a Mac mini with iOS Lion Server. The server runs 24/7 and has a database. For this and also for hardware protection, I have bought an UPS.


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G'day Peter

Am 11.03.2012 12:33, schrieb Peter Gosztonyi:
> I spent now a few hours in the attempt to get NUT installed and up and running. I'm just fed up
> with this type of wasting time. There should be a simple app I can download and install and a GUI
> for the configuration. No fiddling around with multiple config files, setting up services to autostart,
> etc. That feels so much like the 90s when I started with computers. I'm over that time…
"Shouting in the forest" as such will not really give you any useful
help this way I doubt. :-/

It depends on your philosophy, I definitely don't want to start a
flamewar on this.
Some people/admins like to have text config files and a good manpage
instead of a full-blown GUI.
Most UPS makers supported by NUT will also give you their proprietary
GUI client but for a limited
subset of operating systems.

Most NAS boxes from Synology or QNAP provide a GUI to configure NUT as a
UPS client,
for Windows there is also a port, other Linux/BSD can have a GUI too.
> Can anybody recommend a NUT app that doesn't have to be compiled and configured as mentioned above.
> All I need is for the app to connected to a Synology NAS's UPS server and shut down the iOS server.
NUT is GPL licensed and thus a derived app would be too - at the current
state it's very unlikely
Apple would accept a GPL-licensed tool in their app store. - Same
applies to the MS Win Phone.
(You'd need to write a other-licensed NUT client from scratch)

I'm just curious why you'd want to shutdown an iOS device hooked up on a
UPS since all devices I
know running iOS are definitely consumer devices where I don't see a
real use for UPS.

-- Mat

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