[Nut-upsuser] staging shutdowns

Arnaud Quette aquette.dev at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 07:08:18 UTC 2012

Hi Darin,

2012/3/16 Darin Perusich <darin at darins.net>:
> Hi Arnaud,
> On Fri, Mar 9, 2012 at 6:00 PM, Arnaud Quette <aquette.dev at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I'm very interested in helping you there, and complete documentation
>> (Typical setup...)
> Thanks, but I've actually just finished rolling this out to most of my systems.
>> To provide you with a suitable, I'll need to know a bit more about
>> your setup, Ie number of UPS / PDU, power topology (ie 1 big UPS only,
>> redundancy on some groups, brand of HW (for features), ...). The more
>> details, the better.
> APC Symmetra 40K w/ a network module, snmp enabled.
>> if you want to use NUT to accomplish the task, you will indeed have to
>> use a combination of:
>> - upsmon (1 master per group + 1 global master ; then all other
>> systems in groups are slaves),
>> - upssched,
>> - clone or clone-outlet or dummy-ups,
>> - some scripting (shell, python, perl).
> There are a mixture of physical and virtual hosts which adds a fair
> amount of complexity to the setup. My NUT master polls the APC, and
> all the slaves poll it. I'm using upssched and upssched-cmd based on
> the examples from http://rogerprice.org/NUT.html to initiate a timed
> shutdown of the hosts. I've deployed NUT to the systems using a Puppet
> module/class I wrote which allows me to specify when to initiate
> shutdown based on whatever criteria I choose for said systems...i.e
> shutdown "dev" after 5 minutes, "production" after 10, once all VM's
> are down take down vmware, etc.

various words are triggering my full attention here: vm(ware),
datacenter, puppet and load shedding.
if you can, could post back your script and a brief summary of your
needs and solution?
that could help other people, and later me to make some doc and
general nut enhancements...

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