[Nut-upsuser] NUT for Windows + Eaton/PW 5110

Kris Jordan nut.kj at sagebrushnetworks.com
Sat May 12 23:00:54 UTC 2012

Nut for Windows 2.6.3-3 + Eaton/PW 5110 (103004256-5591).

I had to manually install libusb driver and I'm using bcmxcp_usb.

upsd.exe is reporting to me "Out of memory". It will run, but once 
anything connects to the daemon, it dies with that message.

I don't have much experience with NUT yet so I'm not sure what the next 
course of action is. I do have NUT for Windows working with a Tripp-Lite 
unit (USB HID style).

Thank you!


I've been lead to believe that Eaton is a good Tier 2 UPS vendor (APC 
being Tier 1). This microlink business with APC has been driving me away 
from them. So I got what I thought would be a good alternative to my 
usual APC RS 500's for desktop systems at our remote clients. It is an 
Eaton 5110 500VA (103004256-5591).

I also thought it would be a good brand because of what looked like 
great support from NUT (green status across the board).

I've been rather disappointed.

* It runs rather hot, ~25F more (128F on the side).
* Lack of battery info (runtime, charge capacity)
* Can't disable alarm permanently
* And more

I know line-interactive units run warmer than standby so I use the RS 
500 units I have for comparison.

Eaton's Intelligent power protector simply reports the battery as 
"charging", but it never finishes. And it reported the charge capacity 
as 13% and it was stuck at that. Also no runtime.

Eaton replaced the unit. The replacement runs 5F cooler, so not much 
improvement there, it probably just has a bit more spacing between the 
transformer and the side. IPP still reports it as charging, but no 
longer a charge capacity at all, still no runtime.

I'm also finding no way to disable the alarm. Supporting remote clients 
requires I can monitor the UPS stats by software without annoyance to 
the Clients from constant beeping! I can disable the alarm even on lowly 
APC ES units.

Looks like the bcmxcp_usb isn't going to get me what I need, but I'm not 
sure until I can see the output of upsc.

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