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Arnaud Quette aquette.dev at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 20:11:19 UTC 2012

2012/10/25 Kris Jordan <nut.kj at sagebrushnetworks.com>

> Arnaud Quette wrote, On 10/24/2012 3:33 PM:
>>     I always test. Beeper still beeps while on-battery. Using Eaton's
>>     software, it can disable the alarm just fine. I re-enabled the
>>     alarm before I ran the above command. My previously attached logs
>>     included me running every command including upsc.
>> quite frankly, I'm puzzled.
>> I would need to test on an actual device... and currently, I can't!
>> that would be worth, with the below (depending on your answer) to contact
>> the official Eaton support.
> For being a problem just for NUT, it sounds like Eaton would not care
> much. I have no need to re-enable it once I got it disabled, so I'm fine.

the point is that there is a bug in NUT, and I dislike when I don't
I've tracked it, for later processing:

>      The two values are linked, as long as you use a valid value for
>>     low or high, the other value will also change.
>>     But, there is one that doesn't work, a low value of 75.
>>     low-high:
>>     84-142 (red light)
>>     96-138 (both lights)
>>     75-144 (green light)
>>     upsrw -u admin -p password -s input.transfer.high=138 ups
>>     Result: 84-142 --> 96-138
>>     upsrw -u admin -p password -s input.transfer.low=75 ups
>>     Result: 96-138 --> 84-142
>>     upsrw -u admin -p password -s input.transfer.low=96 ups
>>     Result: 84-142 --> 96-138
>>     I've tested it a bunch of times, low=75 is the only one giving me
>>     troubles. The other way to get 75-144 is to use high=144, which
>>     works fine.
>> strange! the trace shows no error, but the value is indeed not changed.
>> and this works with the windows SW?
> Yes, and I  just doubled-checked to be sure. Perhaps it only sends the
> high value. So there might be a firmware bug for setting the low value.
I have my work-around and it's documented in my notes for this UPS. Unless
> Eaton changes their stance about NUT, it sounds like there is nothing worth
> contacting them about. However, I have told them about the sleep issue I
> was having since that happens no matter what.

it's good that you have a work-around, but I'll definitely want to fix that
one too.
this one is indirectly tracked through the above bug ticket.

Don't worry about the lag, and thank you for the hard work (and more)!

for the sake of completion, part of the more, I'm also local councilor and
leaving in the mountain.
we just got our first snows of the year this week-end. 20 cm is not that
much, but already making an overhead of work...

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