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Alf Høgemark alf at i100.no
Thu Sep 19 18:11:18 UTC 2013

On 09/19/2013 02:30 AM, Kris Jordan wrote:
> Luke-Jr wrote, On 9/18/2013 1:02 PM:
>> I wanted to suggest some rating for functionality. I got the UPS 
>> available
>> that seemed to have the best possible rating from NUT's list (Eaton 
>> Powerware
>> UPS 1500), and found out it doesn't support telling me battery level or
>> runtime! :/
> I'm avoiding Eaton/Powerware because the lack of usbhid support, the 
> bcmxcp driver doesn't report much, but I have heard that someone is 
> working on it. Also a PW5110 500 (to replace a APC RS 500) runs much 
> warmer than I would like. I'm used to the APC RS line-interactive 
> units and they don't get nearly as hot.
> Otherwise, the Eaton/MGE UPS's have been great, a 5PX and an 
> Evolution. The 5PX is kind of a cross, it has usbhid support and 
> Powerware's better battery management feature.
> I tested the mge-shut (serial) driver on the 5PX, the functionality 
> and reported values appear identical.
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I have a Eaton 5110, and I have been working on adding functionality to 
the bcmxcp driver. With my changes, the 5110 reports a bit more 
information, but not "battery.runtime", that information is not 
supported by the hardware. I guess the 5110 is one of the most basic 
models, and provides not too much info.
Unfortunately, my 5110 had a hardware failure a month ago, so I have not 
been able to do further work.
But I have ordered an Eaton 9130, which also supports bcmxcp, so I will 
continue testing on that one in a couple of weeks.
With my driver changes, the driver should report everything the hardware 
is capable of supporting.

My changes have not been merged to the master branch of nut yet. Some 
work has been merged to 
https://github.com/networkupstools/nut/tree/bcmxcp, and the rest of my 
changes are at https://github.com/networkupstools/nut/pull/47

I have no relationship to Eaton, I have just bought their product 
because they provide open documentation on how their protocols work, and 
work nicely with the nut software.

Alf Hogemark
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