[Nut-upsuser] Smart-UPS staying in OB after power return

John Morris john at zultron.com
Sat Sep 21 18:28:54 UTC 2013

Hi list,

UPS is a Smart-UPS 3000 RM (SU3000RM3U, ups.firmware 92.11.D,
ups.mfr.date 12/14/99) with brand-new batteries.  NUT is 2.6.5 running
on SL6 (RHEL6 clone) from EPEL packages.  'upsc' output pasted at bottom.

I'm not very familiar with UPSs in general or this model in particular,
and it's doing things I don't expect.  I have done my homework, and read
UPS user manual, googled much, read most NUT manuals, read up to
'queequeg', asked on APC forums, etc.

The most distressing problem is the UPS stays OB after removing and
reapplying utility power.  When power is removed, the UPS goes OB and
upsmon detects the power failure no problem, reporting
's0-ups0 at localhost is on battery'.  But when power is restored, there is
no clicking of contactors, no switch back to OL, and no detection by
upsmon that power is restored.  The UPS can be manually put back OL with
'upscmd load.on'.  I would expect the UPS go back OL automatically,
though; am I wrong about this?  (APC forums folk are thus-far silent on
this question.)

There are other things I also think odd:

- The on-line LED flashes continually; other LEDs look normal; I think I
read the on-line LED flashes during a self-test initiated through the
'on/test' button.

- The 'on/test' button does not initiate a self-test, or otherwise
change the pattern of front-panel LEDs.

- While on utility power, the 'off' button acts as a momentary switch,
and the loads are powered down only as long as the button is being
pressed; also, 'upscmd -u admin -p $passwd s0-ups0 load.off' (twice, 5
secs apart) does not shut down the loads.  While on battery power,
'upscmd [...] load.off' works as expected.

These things make me think the problem is in the UPS and not NUT, but I
hope someone here can tell me for sure, and especially tell me whether a
UPS in general, and this one in particular, ought to automatically
return to OL status after power is restored (and if not, why?).



battery.alarm.threshold: 0
battery.charge: 100.0
battery.charge.restart: 50
battery.date: 09/20/13
battery.packs: 000
battery.runtime: 19740
battery.runtime.low: 600
battery.voltage: 55.05
battery.voltage.nominal: 048
device.mfr: APC
device.model: SMART-UPS 3000 RM
device.serial: WS9951003031
device.type: ups
driver.name: apcsmart
driver.parameter.cable: 940-0095C
driver.parameter.pollinterval: 2
driver.parameter.port: /var/lib/ups/tty-s0-ups0
driver.parameter.sdtype: 0
driver.version: 2.6.5
driver.version.internal: 3.04
input.frequency: 60.00
input.quality: FF
input.sensitivity: H
input.transfer.high: 132
input.transfer.low: 103
input.transfer.reason: no transfers yet since turnon
input.voltage: 121.5
input.voltage.maximum: 121.5
input.voltage.minimum: 121.5
output.voltage: 121.5
output.voltage.nominal: 115
ups.delay.shutdown: 020
ups.delay.start: 000
ups.firmware: 92.11.D
ups.id: s0-ups0
ups.load: 000.0
ups.mfr: APC
ups.mfr.date: 12/14/99
ups.model: SMART-UPS 3000 RM
ups.serial: WS9951003031
ups.status: OL
ups.temperature: 046.8
ups.test.interval: 1209600
ups.test.result: NO

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