[Nut-upsuser] Setting the transfer threshold voltage on a TrippLite OMNI900LCD

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On Jun 11, 2014, at 4:30 PM, Todd Bernhard wrote:

> At the company I work for, we are using many TrippLite OMNI900LCD UPSs and are having difficulty setting the lower transfer threshold voltage. On our other model, the Eaton MGE-3S550, this can be set using upsrw to set the input.transfer.lowsetting, but on the Omni900, this option is not available. In our testing, it defaults to ~95v but we want to set it to 84v.
> More info:
> - OS = OpenSuse 13.1
> - Nut = nut-2.6.5-6.1.5.x86_64 (installed package from repo)
> - Driver = usbhid-ups
> - UPS = TrippLite OMNI900LCD
> Are there other ways to set this value, or other drivers to try? We would like to avoid writing a middleware layer to support this feature.

This driver is the only NUT driver which will work with your UPS (tripplite_usb is for older models with built-in USB-to-serial adapters).

I don't see any changes to drivers/tripplite-hid.c past v2.6.5 which would add support for that setting.

If you have access to the vendor's original software, that might be a quick thing to test. Some lower-end models tend not to have all of the features.

Based on the spreadsheet in an email from Tripp Lite last fall:


...the OMNI900LCD shares the same "protocol ID" (2010) as the SMART1000LCD, and the latter only seems to support "ups.delay.shutdown":


If there are signs that the variable is provided by the UPS, but just missing from NUT, you can stop the driver, and re-run it with the following parameters for a minute or two. Please gzip the log before sending it.

/path/to/usbhid-ups -DD -u root -x explore -x vendorid=09ae auto > /tmp/OMNI900LCD.log 2>&1

Note that there are a number of unmapped vendor-specific items that might be the setting you are looking for:


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