[Nut-upsuser] Generic UPS with serial port

William D Turner bturner01 at telkomsa.net
Tue Mar 11 11:51:52 UTC 2014

Just a quick query. I had a CPS ups (1200watt) with only a serial port, 
no usb. It worked fine using the genericups driver for some years until 
it committed suicide in a cloud of smoke. No replacement available, was 
forced to try running without the ups but then Ubuntu shutdown 
immediately it was up and ready for logons. Seems the driver was 
mistaking the absence of signals for a problem condition. No big deal - 
just removed the init files and all ok temporarily. Just wondered if 
maybe a small mod might be in order to prevent this. When I got the 
serial port address wrong in the beginning, it just gave off repeated 
messages about the lack of connection, did not shut down.
Have not found anything through Google so far.
Many thanks for all the good work - I really need a ups down here - 
power failures are frighteningly frequent.

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