[Nut-upsuser] snmp-ups sends status "OL OB" on HP R3000 UPS with AF465A management card [UPDATE]

Ivan Kuznetsov kia at solvo.ru
Mon Mar 31 12:43:42 UTC 2014


Have a similar issue with one of our customers having HP R12000/3 UPS 
with AF430A card. Upsmon shows the UPS as Online, on Battery and Battery 
discharging at the same time:

[root at smrsrvslv06 lib64]# upsc hpups at localhost
ambient.temperature: 19.0
ambient.temperature.high: 0.00
ambient.temperature.low: 0.00
battery.charge: 94.00
battery.current: 0.00
battery.runtime: 4620.00
battery.voltage: 27.70
device.mfr: Hewlett-Packard
device.model: HP R12000/3UPS
device.serial: P38900C9VY8077
device.type: ups
driver.name: snmp-ups
driver.parameter.pollfreq: 15
driver.parameter.pollinterval: 2
driver.parameter.snmp_version: v1
driver.version: 2.7.1
driver.version.data: cpqpower MIB 1.5
driver.version.internal: 0.70
input.frequency: 50.00
input.L1-N.voltage: 224.00
input.L1.current: 0.70
input.L1.realpower: 0.00
input.L2-N.voltage: 223.00
input.L2.current: 1.00
input.L2.realpower: 0.00
input.L3-N.voltage: 223.00
input.L3.current: 0.60
input.L3.realpower: 0.00
input.phases: 3.00
input.quality: 0.00
outlet.count: 0.00
outlet.desc: All outlets
outlet.id: 0
output.frequency: 50.00
output.L1-N.voltage: 224.00
output.L1.current: 0.60
output.L2-N.voltage: 223.00
output.L2.current: 0.90
output.L3-N.voltage: 225.00
output.L3.current: 0.50
output.phases: 3.00
ups.delay.shutdown: 20
ups.delay.start: 30
ups.firmware:  2.02
ups.L1.realpower: 86.00
ups.L2.realpower: 140.80
ups.L3.realpower: 81.60
ups.load: 25.00
ups.mfr: Hewlett-Packard
ups.model: HP R12000/3UPS
ups.serial: P38900C9VY8077
ups.status: OL DISCHRG OB
ups.test.result: Unknown
ups.timer.shutdown: 0.00
ups.timer.start: 0.00
ups.type: normal
[root at smrsrvslv06 lib64]#
Broadcast message from nut (Mon Mar 31 15:25:57 2014):

UPS hpups at localhost on battery

Actually the UPS is online, battery is charging

SNMP values of some "critical" variables used by NUT snmp-ups driver to 
make an UPS status decision:

enterprises. = INTEGER: 2
Battery status (1-charging, 2-discharging, 3-floating, 4-resting, 5-unknown)
WRONG value, most probably UPS or SNMP card firmware is out of sync with 
HP Power MIB.

enterprises. = INTEGER: 3
Output power source (1-other, 2-none, 3-normal, 4-bypass, 5-battery, 
6-booster, 7-reducer, 8-parallel capacity, 9-parallel redundant, 10-high 
efficiency mode)
Ok, right value

enterprises. = INTEGER: 1
MIB shows this as r/w var to initate/test status of Trap test: "Setting 
startTestTrap to 1 will initiate a TrapTest is sent out from HPMM.  All 
other set values are invalid."
WRONG variable, it is not an "On Battery" flag as is in 

The variable enterprises. does not exists neither in 
snmpwalk output nor in the MIB
In nut-2.7.1/drivers/compaq-mib.c it is "Low Battery" flag. It seems 
that the MIB does not have a good source to make "Low battery" decision.

Any ideas?

11.03.2014 14:56, Philippe Andersson wrote:
> Further information on this issue, attn. Arnaud Quette:
> Here is the result of a test I made a few days ago. I've pulled the
> input plug on the UPS and watched the 3 critical OIDs through a MIB browser:
> - goes from 3 (OL) to 5 (OB)
>    (as expected => good)
> - stays at 1 (OB)
>    (=> seems meaningless)
> - doesn't exist
>    (either before or after pulling the plug)
>    (supposed to carry 'LB' info => not good)

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