[Nut-upsuser] Tripp Lite SMART3000RM2U (protocol 3003) running time and charge?

Stefan Bruda stefan at bruda.ca
Fri May 16 01:39:24 UTC 2014


I own an older Tripp Lite SMART3000RM2U (protocol 3003).  It does not
work with usbhid-ups but it mostly works with the tripplite_usb driver
(nut 2.7.1, the latest in the Gentoo tree), in the sense that the
status (on line, on battery, etc.) is detected correctly, the machine
is shut down on critical battery, and I can even get some information
from the UPS.  This is how it all looks:

    < post:/etc/nut > upsc post
    battery.charge: 40
    battery.test.status: Battery OK
    battery.voltage: 52.00
    battery.voltage.nominal: 48
    device.mfr: Tripp Lite
    device.model: SMART3000RM2U
    device.type: ups
    driver.name: tripplite_usb
    driver.parameter.pollinterval: 2
    driver.parameter.port: auto
    driver.version: 2.7.1
    driver.version.internal: 0.20
    input.frequency: 59.9
    input.frequency.nominal: 60
    input.voltage: 123
    input.voltage.maximum: 125
    input.voltage.minimum: 119
    input.voltage.nominal: 120
    outlet.1.desc: Load 1
    outlet.1.id: 1
    outlet.1.switch: 1
    outlet.1.switchable: 1
    outlet.2.desc: Load 2
    outlet.2.id: 2
    outlet.2.switch: 1
    outlet.2.switchable: 1
    outlet.3.desc: Load 3
    outlet.3.id: 3
    outlet.3.switch: 1
    outlet.3.switchable: 1
    outlet.4.desc: Load 4
    outlet.4.id: 4
    outlet.4.switchable: 0
    ups.debug.D: 37 42 38 32 0d 00 00 '7B82...'
    ups.debug.load_banks: 3
    ups.debug.S: 31 30 30 00 28 30 0d '100..0.'
    ups.debug.T: 39 37 32 35 37 31 0d '972571.'
    ups.debug.V: 31 30 38 33 58 58 0d '1083XX.'
    ups.delay.shutdown: 64
    ups.firmware: F1115.B
    ups.firmware.aux: protocol 3003
    ups.id: 65535
    ups.load: 9
    ups.mfr: Tripp Lite
    ups.model: SMART3000RM2U
    ups.power.nominal: 3000
    ups.productid: 0001
    ups.status: OL
    ups.temperature: 33.9
    ups.vendorid: 09ae

What bugs be though is that I cannot seem to be able to read the
remaining run time on battery.  The battery charge is also widely
inaccurate (it drops to zero really fast and stays there).  I read
somewhere that the usb.debug numbers may hold the key to this (at
least to the running time that is), but I don't know what to do with
them (and I can no longer find that piece of information...).

Is there any way I can contribute to finding a way to get this
information out of the UPS?  I will gladly perform any necessary
investigations (but please note that I am completely unfamiliar with
the NUT code base).

Many thanks in advance!

Best regards,

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