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jani jani.talikka at gmail.com
Sat Nov 1 12:09:01 UTC 2014

Hi Charles,

Here is the output of those.  I also ran the driver a second time with
debug level 4, just in case there were any extra hints in there.


On 1 November 2014 22:12, Charles Lepple <clepple at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Nov 1, 2014, at 1:30 AM, jani wrote:
> Hi Charles,
> I just bought a UPS that announces itself as 'ATCL FOR UPS' with VendorId
> of 0001. It seems to be a re-badged unit manufactured by Guangdong East
> Power company, and besides the little brand stamp it looks identical to:
> http://eastups.com/en/productshow.aspx?CateId=473&Id=164&PCateId=447
> It came with a windows cd containing the windows software entitled
> UPSmart2000I version 3.7 and while I haven't installed it the screenshots
> show that you can get input and output voltage and battery voltage
> information out of the thing.
> The problem is the nutdrv_atcl_usb driver out of nut 2.7.2 doesn't seem to
> function, I get the following in my logs:
>> Nov  1 16:28:49 microserver nutdrv_atcl_usb[2242]: Warning: excessive
>>> comm failures, limiting error reporting
>> Nov  1 16:28:49 microserver nutdrv_atcl_usb[2242]: Communications with
>>> UPS lost: Query to UPS failed
>> Is there anything I can do to help troubleshoot the issue?
> Please run (as root) 'killall nutdrv_atcl_usb' and re-run the driver with
> the debug level set to at least 2: /path/to/nutdrv_atcl_usb -a *name* -DD
> 2>&1 | tee nutdrv_atcl_usb.log
> Then, please gzip and send the log as an attachment (to keep the size
> down, and to prevent the lines from getting mangled). Also, the output of
> 'lsusb -vvv -d 0001:0000' (run as root) would be useful for comparison.
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