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Gene Heskett gheskett at wdtv.com
Wed Oct 22 15:34:35 UTC 2014

On Wednesday 22 October 2014 09:08:38 Charles Lepple did opine
And Gene did reply:
> On Oct 21, 2014, at 11:37 PM, Gene Heskett <gheskett at wdtv.com> wrote:
> > Hummm, that got me past that barricade, but then it needed asciidoc,
> > which pulled in everything else it was fussing about. The everything
> > else was close to all of tex and latex, something north of 220 megs
> > worth.  Drive space I have, but thats a heck of big hunk of
> > dependency.
> You mean that LaTeX isn't on everyone's short list of must-have
> packages? ;-)

Apparently not here at the Heskett Ranchette.
> > However, the configure is still bailing out:
> > 
> > checking for library containing gdImagePng... -lgd
> > checking whether to build CGI programs... yes
> > checking for asciidoc... /usr/bin/asciidoc
> > checking for asciiDoc version... 8.5.2 found
> > checking for a2x... /usr/bin/a2x
> > checking for a2x version... 8.5.2 found
> > checking for dblatex... /usr/bin/dblatex
> > checking for dblatex version... 0.2.12-4 found
> > checking if asciidoc version can build html-single... no
> > checking if a2x version can build html-chunked... no
> > checking if dblatex version can build pdf... yes
> > configure: error: "Unable to build  html-single html-chunked
> > documentation"
> > 
> > which doesn't tell me what else I need.  Clues?
> Agreed, we could do better with the error messages. In configure.ac, it
> is looking for asciidoc >= 8.6.3. Nothing immediately jumps out in my
> mind as to why, but there were a few early 8.6.x versions that had
> issues.

8.5.2 is whats in the repo's...
> Asciidoc is a fairly light-weight install by itself (considering that
> the other doc dependencies are already installed), so doing a source
> install to /usr/local, even with the Ubuntu package installed to /usr,
> should not conflict (no PID files, etc.). I believe I have done that
> before to work around the aforementioned bugs:
> http://asciidoc.org/INSTALL.html#X1
Thanks, I'll study on that.

> Stepping back a bit, are you looking to do anything specific with
> building the documentation, or are you just looking for doc files that
> match your current version of NUT?

The latter.

> (I really thought we distributed
> the generated PDF and HTML documentation alongside the formatted man
> pages in the nut-*.tar.gz, but I guess that is only in the .deb
> packages.)

Right, my 2.7.2/doc dir is full of .txt files.
> If you are looking for 2.7.2 documentation, we have the PDFs posted on
> the main website: http://www.networkupstools.org/documentation.html
> (There is a patch in the works to automatically add the current
> version number to the PDF revision log.)
> For the latest information, we have a similar page that is generated by
> Buildbot from the Git tree:
> http://new.networkupstools.org/documentation.html (also working out
> some issues with the version number at the footer of the HTML pages,
> but the date is correct.)
> Of course, there are the Asciidoc text files as well in
> nut-2.7.2/docs/, which can be handy if you need to search for
> something specific with grep.
> I'm not saying "don't bother to rebuild the documentation", but it is
> one of the dependencies that is unintentionally optimized for
> developers who need to make changes to the documentation, and see how
> the changes render.

I have built and installed it without the docs, and will see if I can sort 
whats in the tarballs doc directory.  With the fresh build, I'll be 
starting the configuration for my use from scratch. But I have a Dr's 
appointment about as fast as I can shave & shower & get there, another 
shot of some kind of $150/shot stuff in a knee I tore up a year & small 
change ago.

Thanks Charles, I'll give it another try from the src install.  After I 
follow the asciidoc link and see if that is fixable.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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