[Nut-upsuser] Keeps losing connection with UPS (local usb connection)

Stuart D. Gathman stuart at gathman.org
Fri Dec 9 06:15:56 UTC 2016

Hello fellow victim of Tripplite braindead USB!  There is a solution!

My blog on diagnosing the problem:

My blog on packaging the solution:

Solution on github:

Sadly, you will have to buy a USB standard conforming powered hub to
make the Tripplite work.  These are suprisingly hard to find, but the
solution includes a list of known working hubs.  I use a small visibly 
powered USB device like a light or fan to test whether the hub really
works.  The manufacturers like to break things without changing the model #.

Be sure to leave a critical review on wherever you bought it from, 
hopefully Tripplite will eventually fix it.

On Thu, 8 Dec 2016, dwilliss at inebraska.com wrote:

> Device: TRIPPLITE SMART1300LCDT using usbhid-ups driver
> Problem: I keep getting the message
>                 UPS tripplite at localhost is unavailable
> If I do…
>                 service nut-server stop
>                 service nut-server start
> Then everything is fine again for a while.

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