[Nut-upsuser] Help with Elite 800VA usb UPS

Andrea de Lutti adelutti at gmail.com
Thu Jun 29 10:52:39 UTC 2017

> > , but when in battery test I have OL CAL status: it would be good to
> have the result.
> "OL CAL" or "OB CAL"? If the UPS is powering the load from the battery
> during calibration, it should report "OB CAL". The ONBATT handler in
> NOTIFYCMD can check for CAL at that point.
> I don't think we considered the case where CAL is paired with OL.
> ​I confirm it, during battery testing I have OL CAL​

> > Anyway I still not receive any email on any test (power cord
> disconnected and/or reconnected for example)
> Oh, I misinterpreted "working script" as a script that was sending email,
> rather than work-in-progress. Does that same command work from the command
> line? Can you add something like "logger" before the mailx line to be sure
> that the script is executing properly? Be sure to "chmod a+x" the script.

​Yep, the script works flawlessy with a command line. It is a "modified"
script from other jobs, and I receive daily all the emails from them​

> I forget if I mentioned this earlier, but for testing notifications, you
> can use the dummy-ups driver:
>    http://networkupstools.org/docs/man/dummy-ups.html
> The timer example will simulate the OL-OB-LB transition.

​Maybe I have missing someting. I have exported my configuration to a .dev
file, and then used for dummy ups, configured as dummy. Do i need to make
circular tests (timer configuration) or may I do them manually? Just
beacuse the only command allowed in dummy mode (upscmd -l dummy at artu) is

> > Does the runtime calibration test alter the values of ups.conf? Or do I
> have to change it manually? Which would be the right procedure for changing
> the battery for calibrating NUT (over the manufacturer's suggestions)?
> The automatic calibration/battery test invoked by upscmd (or the UPS front
> panel button, if any) is for the UPS low battery warning.
> The manual calibration ups.conf parameters are necessary (and need to be
> maintained separately) because Qx-based protocols do not all report the
> state-of-charge as calculated by the UPS.
> I would recommend both forms of calibration after replacing the battery.
> ​Ok, thanks. I will replace the battery and test it​
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