[Nut-upsuser] Help with Elite 800VA usb UPS

Charles Lepple clepple at gmail.com
Thu Jun 29 12:43:19 UTC 2017

On Jun 29, 2017, at 6:52 AM, Andrea de Lutti wrote:
>>> Anyway I still not receive any email on any test (power cord disconnected and/or reconnected for example)
>> Oh, I misinterpreted "working script" as a script that was sending email, rather than work-in-progress. Does that same command work from the command line? Can you add something like "logger" before the mailx line to be sure that the script is executing properly? Be sure to "chmod a+x" the script.
> ​Yep, the script works flawlessy with a command line. It is a "modified" script from other jobs, and I receive daily all the emails from them​

Bear in mind that upsmon runs as user "nut" on Ubuntu, as does the NOTIFYCMD script. At one point, you said that the script is in /root, which is not commonly readable by other users. Does the script work if you move it to, say, /usr/local/bin?

(With Ubuntu 16.04, there should be some error messages from upsmon in 'journalctl' referencing permissions.)

>> I forget if I mentioned this earlier, but for testing notifications, you can use the dummy-ups driver:
>>    http://networkupstools.org/docs/man/dummy-ups.html
>> The timer example will simulate the OL-OB-LB transition.
> ​Maybe I have missing someting. I have exported my configuration to a .dev file, and then used for dummy ups, configured as dummy. Do i need to make circular tests (timer configuration) or may I do them manually? Just beacuse the only command allowed in dummy mode (upscmd -l dummy at artu) is load.off

Under the Bugs heading, the man page says "Instant commands are not yet supported in Dummy Mode..." - one of the use cases was automated developer testing of NUT, and there isn't much use in simulating all of the commands in that case. "load.off" is probably worth implementing at some point for user testing.

So for your use case, the timers would probably be the easiest way with the current code.

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