[Nut-upsuser] Is this an issue?

Leslie Rhorer lesrhorer at att.net
Sat May 11 12:17:18 BST 2019

     I just set up a UPS on a Debian Stretch system for my 
sister-in-law.  Obviously, I want NUT to properly shut down the unit 
when the battery gets low.  This means upsmon must be running and 
healthy.  When I run 'systemctl status nut-monitor`, I see the following 
in the journal:

nut-monitor.service: Supervising process 778 which is not our child. 
We'll most likely not notice when it exits

Process 778 is /lib/nut/upsmon

     Is this an issue?  Presumably nut-monitor should know if upsmon 
dies, shouldn't it?

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