[Nut-upsuser] TrippLite AVR550U start on power

Steven Bixby steve at wecotek.com
Mon May 20 22:30:28 BST 2019

I have a TrippLite AVR550U that my company uses several individual Linux
boxes in one large system, all running Ubuntu 18.04LTS, and all will be
using the package version of nut - 2.7.4.    In my scenario, our usage case
is for the PCs to all shut down, followed by the individual UPSes, when
mains power is removed from the whole system.  (This isn't a typical setup
for UPS, but it's what we designed for our needs.)

I have a basic "standalone" setup running OK - I can pull the plug, the PC
shuts down, followed by the UPS, and everything is great.  Except...
When reapplying the mains power, the UPS isn't starting the load back up.
I have to force it to start from the panel button, which is a requirement.

Linux isn't my native environment; one of the PCs in our system does run
Windows, and using TrippLite's PowerAlert software, I can configure the UPS
to auto restart on power -- and it works very well.   So, I *know* there's
something that can be sent to the UPS to configure for auto-start.

Alas, in three days of struggles with everything, I still haven't found the
answer to this problem.  Hopefully it's just a configuration parameter I've
missed.  Or if nothing else, I can adjust the nut source to push the
command(s) - if I can figure it out.    I'm about to try to use
Wireshark+USBCap on Windows to trace what's going to the TrippLite when
this setting is changed -- I've just had very little luck with WS/USBCap in
the past, just too much information to sort through.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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