[Nut-upsuser] NUT with hibernation works only once

Roger Price roger at rogerprice.org
Sat Jul 31 12:07:02 BST 2021

> On Sat, 31 Jul 2021, David Kačerek via Nut-upsuser wrote:
>> For my NUT configuration, please see "NUT.report" file created by R.
>> Price's "nut-report" script. For the NUT activity log taken after waking up
>> from the 1st hibernation, see nut-journal.log file created by nut-
>> journal script.
> I can see the png images on Google Drive using Google Chrome, but not the txt 
> files.  With Firefox, I see neither png nor txt.

The following technique for sharing files works independently of Google.  Add 
the following code to .bashrc

  # Post to https://hastebin.org
  # Usage cat foo.txt | haste
  # prints: https://hastebin.com/lupihiyeyi
  haste() {
    # set -x    # Trace this function
    curl -X POST -s -d "$a" https://hastebin.com/documents |\
    awk -F '"' '{print "https://hastebin.com/"$4}'

To post NUT.report, use command

  cat NUT.report | haste

and post the URL that you get in return.  I believe the file is available for 
30 days.


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