[Nut-upsuser] NUT add on for Home Assistant

Greg Troxel gdt at lexort.com
Sun Aug 14 11:27:54 BST 2022

"z.kevino--- via Nut-upsuser" <nut-upsuser at alioth-lists.debian.net>

> I am able to get the NUT add-on for Home Assistant to act as a client
> for one of the UPS units attached to my NUT-server running on another
> Raspberry Pi. What I am unable to do is to get it to attach to a
> second. I can attach to the second, or the first, but just not the
> second and first if that makes sense. Does anyone run this add on ?

I think it's very likely that this is an HA issue not a NUT issue.

I have run it, but only with 1 UPS.

It is IMHO a clue that the entities have display names that don't include the
device name (even if the nerd-name does).  For example, I have a UPS
named "foo" (not its real name :-) and I get


Instead the display name defaulting to "Foo V_in".

It looks like your YAML was munged.   But the documentation
says to set up the integration via the UI.

I have an entry for my UPS in

In theory, a second instance should work fine, and if not it's a bug.

But you'll have to be on 2022.8 and use the UI before they want to hear
about it, probably.

> My YAML:
> devices:
>   - config:
>       - nada
>     driver: usbhid-ups

I'm surprised to see driver; that's configured in NUT and HA shouldn't

>     name: myups
>     port: auto
> mode: netclient
> shutdown_host: false

again these two are surprising.

> users:
>   - actions: []
>     instcmds:
>       - all
>     password: XYZ
>     username: ABC
> remote_ups_name: apc600
> remote_ups_host:
> remote_ups_user: XYZ
> remote_ups_password: ABC
> upsd_maxage: 10
> log_level: debug
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