[Nut-upsuser] NUT add on for Home Assistant

Greg Troxel gdt at lexort.com
Sun Aug 14 19:27:39 BST 2022

I did a quick experiment.

Machine A runs NetBSD 9, ups-nut 2.8.0, and Home Assistant Core
2022.8.4.  It has a ups foo.  Note there is no "nut addon" involved, or
any "addon" at all.  ("addon" is a Home Assistant concept for the Home
Assistant OS or Supervisor running progams not from Home Assistant.)

Machine A runs NetBSD 9, ups-nut 2.8.0.  It has a ups bar.

Since a long time, a year or two, the nut integration has been
configured on A to talk to foo, over the usual

I just set up an ssh tunnel to forward 3494 on A to on B.
I then added using the UI, and it appeared.  The entities
are better named, "Foo Voltage", so it appears a bunch of rough edges
are gone (which is typical in HA; just wait 6 months and things are
smoother).  I should delete and re-add my first UPS to get better names.

I then graphed some of the things together and it all seems fine.

So that's proof the integration can support two upsd servers, but you
have to be able to contact them, and there is the convention that they
listen on localhost only unless you change that.
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