[Nut-upsuser] ID Progress Report

Roger Price roger at rogerprice.org
Tue May 10 08:13:34 BST 2022

The discussions with IANA concluded that the following sentence should be added 
to chapter 7 IANA Considerations:

   This document will be added to the registration's reference field.

This is good for NUT since it makes official and permanent the relationship 
between port 3493/TCP (nut) and the NUT protocol.

The ID is now technically and politically complete, and has entered the 
administrative stage.  The current discussions are whether the IETF telechat 
should be May 12 or June 2. This telechat would ideally produce a proposal for 
what to do with the ID. (Perhaps an approval :-) )

After that there will be an administrative editing session (no technical 

I have no date for the final RFC.

A personal comment: I am surprised by the way the IETF have handled our text. 
We are being treated as if we were a formal standards group which alone has the 
authority to produce a Standards Track document, despite being only what the 
IETF call "a personal contribution".


If you enjoy the administrative stuff:

If you want the text itself:

As always with RFCs, comments are welcome.

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