Not all messages synchronized

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Mon Dec 20 08:58:19 GMT 2010

On Sun, 19 Dec 2010 18:04:53 +0200, Antti Kaihola <akaihola at> wrote:
> I have an awkward issue: not all messages from my IMAP server are
> copied to my laptop. I'm using Dovecot 1.0 on the server and can see
> the files sitting in my maildir with a ":2," suffix. The messages are
> also visible with other IMAP clients (Evolution in my case). I've set
> maxsize to 20000000 and maxage to 30, and the missing messages are
> small and just three days old. I also tried removing the
> dovecot.index* files and restarting Dovecot, but it didn't help.
> Does anyone have tips for debugging this? Can I get per-message debug
> output or a dump of the IMAP conversation from OfflineIMAP, or should
> I just use Wireshark?

Use -d maildir or -d imap to get a debug dump or the respective
activities. You could also check the LocalStatus file and see if the
mail UID is known or not.

Hope that helps as a first starter.


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