ERROR in syncfolder for (username) folder INBOX : null byte in argument for long()

chris coleman christocoleman at
Wed Apr 27 14:52:52 BST 2011

Thanks Sebastian.

UIDVALIDITY... this folder doesnt exist.  

Do you mean UIDMapping or FolderValidity ??

How much time will it take to recreate these files when there are 100,000 
messages ?  Probably many hours, right ?

If I blow away (move away) ONE of the files inside these folders, will 
offlineimap recreate just the one file ??


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On Tue, 26 Apr 2011 12:05:27 -0700 (PDT), chris coleman 
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> Hello,
> Offlineimap has been working fine since I repaired the most recent error in the 
> data files about a week ago (thanks to your help locating the bad data in the 

Thanks for the debug log, this really helps. Your error now doesn't look
like data corruption to me. Somewhere it fails to interprete an IMAP
response correctly trying to convert a 'null byte' to a "long()" number,
presumably a email UID.

You could try to blow the UIDVALIDITY file away (or move it out of the
way) for testing, it will just be recreated.

Unfortunately, the error reporting in 6.2. is so rough that I cannot
even see in which line it fails, so I would suggest you try a newer
version of offlineimap. The configuration/status files are compatible,
and it might give you better output.

Sorry for not having better information there
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