Locally created mailboxes not synchronized to IMAP

Vincent Beffara vbeffara at ens-lyon.fr
Thu Aug 4 19:48:43 BST 2011


Vladimir Marek writes:

VM> I found that if I create local mailbox, it is not replicated on
VM> IMAP.  Other direction works fine. I was playing with it yesterday
VM> afternoon and I finally made it working. But it's not completely
VM> trivial fix, so as usual I might have overlooked something. I am
VM> attaching the diff I have, just to have some chance for
VM> comments. It's doing several things

I once (under John's reign) investigated why this was not done, as it
sounds rather natural. In terms of syncing, indeed things go quite
smoothy. But the main obstacle John (IIRC) mentioned was abount the
nametrans() function. The thing is, for a given mailbox, local and
remote names might differ, and we know how to turn remote name into
local name, using nametrans(). So a new remote mailbox is not a
problem. But when a new local mb is created, it is sometimes nontrivial
what name to give it remotely ...

Probably something like reverse_nametrans is needed in the config file
for this to work reliably. Or at least, activate it only if nametrans is
not set, maybe ?


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