, dev testing area and more...

Philippe LeCavalier support at
Fri Jan 21 21:06:13 GMT 2011

Hi Everyone.

I had originally sent this to a select few but it was suggested that this discussion should take place in the wild. So here goes...

I'm just wondering if it's worth having a discussion about hosting since
it's been brought up here-and-there but never actually discussed in a
serious manner.

More specifically:

i) There is significant speculation regarding the stability of the

ii) Considering the recent developments of this projects and the
underlying fact that all serious projects should have there own domain;
Can we revisit Sebastian's offer to grab and use
I guess firstly, Sebastian, does the offer still stand?
Should the above answer be a Yes, I *think* I would be in a good
position to host. I have a VPS server in Texas that I use for a few
clients and myself and would be more than willing to donate some of the
resources to this project. That being said, I'm stating this assuming my
understanding of the load involved is accurate. In addition, a dev area
could easily be dedicated to the seriously involved devs as long as we
can outline some basic rules and respect them at all times. Of course,
if there is another prospect, we should definitely evaluate accordingly.
OR we can leave the list were it is and simply add the domain.

Needs addressing
		a)website design(I suck at that)
		b)maintainers(I can dedicate admins/"resellers accounts" whatever is
perceived as acceptable access)
		c)limitations/costs, ownership...etc.
		limits) If the throughput stays under a certain amount I don't care
about *any* form of compensation. That said, I'm freakin poor. So if the
throughput is in excess of what is included in my plan would need some
form of compensation.
		ownership)the project obviously cannot be in a position were I or
anyone else can hijack it. So we should elaborate on that.


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