Gmail and chats (was: Re: One way to reproduce this)

Rogério Brito rbrito at
Wed Jul 20 07:13:30 BST 2011


I am just adding some information, as I was perusing the offlineimap mailing
list and found a reference to this e-mail of mine.

On Sep 09 2010, Rogério Brito wrote:
> I think that I found one way to reproduce this in a way that would
> serve for debugging purposes:
> With a gmail account, if you are trying to upload to the gmail servers
> an "e-mail" that is a chat of theirs, then they will refuse the upload
> (tested also with mutt and icedove). The most informative message of
> the programs is displayed by mutt. Icedove informs that the server
> didn't like something, and offlineimap just bombs with a stack trace,
> instead of having better error handling.

For the record, one of the things that I've seen that sets a gmail chat
apart from others is some kind of marking with the headers:

    X-Google-Chat-Start: <timestamp>
    X-Google-Chat-End: <timestamp>
    X-Google-Chat-With: <gmail account name>

Once I removed those from an offending message, I could reupload the
messages to gmail.

Perhaps for users that know what they are doing we could have a dangerous
option to the repository settings like:

   mangle_my_gmail_chat_logs = "I know what I am doing"

This is an admitted kludge, but a middle ground workaround for a
non-standard IMAP system that is gmail in the first place...


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