maildir on windows share ?

Vladimir Marek Vladimir.Marek at Oracle.COM
Mon Jul 11 13:51:27 BST 2011


> > Ok, I'm attaching my first try. But I know neither Python on git, so
> > there might be some issues I missed ...
> Thanks, for someone neither knowing git nor python, you've done a great
> job at mastering both so far. :)

Heh, thanks :) It's not _that_ difficult from perl or mercurial, so I
had good starting point.

> Even nice documentation in the patch!!! +1
> > --- a/offlineimap.conf
> > +++ b/offlineimap.conf
> > +# maildir-windows-compatible = yes
> My only comment here is that the commented out value should reflect the
> default value if possible (I know we don't always have it this way for
> all settings now), so I would prefer a = no here.

I changed that in the patch I just sent.

> Also, we should be using a consistent way of saying either 0/1,
> False/True, on/off, or no/yes. I am not sure what we are currently
> using the most.

Hmmm, looking at the python documentation, I should be using

================= RawConfigParser.getboolean(section, option) ==================
    A convenience method which coerces the option in the specified section to a
Boolean value. Note that the accepted values for the option are "1", "yes",
"true", and "on", which cause this method to return True, and "0", "no",
"false", and "off", which cause it to return False. These string values are
checked in a case-insensitive manner. Any other value will cause it to raise

I'll chage that.

> I haven't tested the rest of the patch, but it does look nice and sane
> looking at the code, and if it catches all the uses of ":" ie it works
> for you, then it has my
> Reviewed-by: Sebastian Spaeth <Sebastian at>

Thank you

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