[ANNOUNCE] OfflineImap 6.5.3

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at SSpaeth.de
Mon Apr 2 23:28:41 BST 2012

So much stuff had piled up that I decided to just release the 6.5.3 with
what we had in the current 'next' branch. It passes all of our 5 (! :-))
tests. I am still in the process of catching up with a rather large
backlog of messages and patches, so a followup-release is possible soon.

The big use-visible feature is probably the new --dry-run option.

As usual, grab the source from github. It has been tagged as v6.5.3 with
my gpg key. source tar.gz:
The gpg signature of the release tar is attached to this mail and
available in the downloads section on github.

Visit us at http://offlineimap.org, read the (improved) docs at
http://docs.offlineimap.org, get the news at http://news.offlineimap.org
or follow offlineimap on twitter.

OfflineIMAP v6.5.3 (2012-04-02)

* --dry-run mode protects us from performing any actual action.  It will
  not precisely give the exact information what will happen. If e.g. it
  would need to create a folder, it merely outputs "Would create folder
  X", but not how many and which mails it would transfer.

* internal code changes to prepare for Python3

* Improve user documentation of nametrans/folderfilter

* Fixed some cases where invalid nametrans rules were not caught and
  we would not propagate local folders to the remote repository.
  (now tested in test03)

* Revert "* Slight performance enhancement uploading mails to an IMAP
  server in the common case." It might have led to instabilities.

* Revamped documentation structure. `make` in the `docs` dir or `make
  doc` in the root dir will now create the 1) man page and 2) the user
  documentation using sphinx (requiring python-doctools, and
  sphinx). The resulting user docs are in `docs/html`. You can also
  only create the man pages with `make man` in the `docs` dir.

* -f command line option only works on the untranslated remote
  repository folder names now. Previously folderfilters had to match
  both the local AND remote name which caused unwanted behavior in
  combination with nametrans rules. Clarify in the help text.

* Some better output when using nonsensical configuration settings

* Improve compatability of the curses UI with python 2.6
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