offlineimap 6.5.4 - unexpected behavior

David Mändlen david.maendlen at
Wed Apr 17 06:54:14 BST 2013

Dear *,

at the moment I am experiencing unexpected behavior with offlineimap

I'm using Arch Linux at the moment and I want to use offlineimap and
mutt in combination to take care of my mail.

I set up everything according to Pat Brisbins How-To[0],[1] but it seems I
have done something wrong.

I attach you my error log[2], my .offlineimaprc[3] and my[4] and I respectfully request you have a look at it.

Maybe you then can tell me, what I did wrong where.

Steps I have taken so far: 
- googled first error message ("folder could not be created"), took
  care of that by making sure was called with python2.7
  -> worked at first, now it doesn't any more without me changing
  anything. Maybe you know something?

- read docs and source (the latter without understanding much, I'm
  rather new to coding in general and Python especially) but I did not
  find the right clue. Maybe you could point me in the right

Thank you[5] for taking the time to read my mail.

Best regards


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