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Sun Apr 21 22:13:59 BST 2013

On 17:46 Sun 21 Apr 2013, Douglas Campos wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 18, 2013, at 07:57 AM, Thomas Kahle wrote:
> > You should check the foldernames that go into this function.  What are
> > they?  I suspect that
> > 
> > re.sub('^INBOX\.', '', foldername)
> > 
> > may be a no-op on your foldername.  The logic in this function is wrong:
> > It seems to assume that the folder separator is "." as witnessed by
> > trying to remove a leading "INBOX.".  Then in the next line, it assumes
> > that the folder sep is "/" because it is trying to replace it with a
> > dot.
> You've nailed it - thanks! Now the output makes sense :)
> The thing that is puzzling me is that after I've fixed the nametrans
> from both the local and remote, it's trying to copy everything from my
> local to remote again!
> is this expected, as in "any changes to nametrans after the first sync
> will trigger a full blown sync"?

No, not really.  Maybe reading this will help you figure out which of
your repositories is in what state:


Thomas Kahle
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