blinkenlights on 6.3.4 vs. 6.5.4

Mandar Mitra mandar.mitra at
Sun Feb 10 15:24:53 GMT 2013

X Ryl wrote (Mon, Feb 04, 2013 at 09:09:46PM +0100):
> Hi,
>  I don't know if you are proficient in git, but you can try to bisect to
> find out the faulty commit(s).
> First use the last git version to check if it was not already fixed (try
> the 'next' branch).
> If it's still there, follow the procedure here:
> to figure out the commit(s) that created the issue, and report here.

Thanks for the feedback. 

I've used git only very occasionally, and while this looks like a good
chance to get familiar, if I do this now, I'll be guilty of having fun
instead of working, so I'm putting this on my todo list.


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