IDLE does not idle, offlineimap immediately returns

Tomasz ┼╗ok tomasz.zok at
Tue Jul 23 14:35:54 BST 2013

Hi Franz,

On 2013-07-23 at 15:17, Franz Fellner wrote:
> >IDLE working (and benefit the most from it) you should run offlineimap
> >normally, but set autorefresh to a high value and idlefolders to your INBOX.
> It would be great if this behaviour would be documented better. I was not aware that I had to use autorefresh, when I actually want to use IDLE. IDLE setup uses keepalive, so I thought that should be enough.

Well, I am just sharing my experience, maybe things are not exactly as I say in
the internals of OfflineIMAP :)

The general and minimal template for my account configuration looks like this:

[Account gmail]
localrepository = GmailLocal
remoterepository = GmailRemote
autorefresh = ???

[Repository GmailLocal]
type = Maildir
localfolders = ???

[Repository GmailRemote]
type = Gmail
remoteuser = ???
remotepass = ???
idlefolders = ['INBOX']

The "???" parts are what I customize to get it working for different accounts.
Of course, for "type = IMAP" there is also a "remotehost" config entry.

> >Then offlineimap will stay in the background, it will have to do a "SO SLOW"
> >sync from time to time, but IDLE will take care of handling you the e-mails
> >instantly.
> Those slow syncs don't bother me, if they only occur occasionally.
> But now I ran into another issue (which looks like a bug to me):
> From my two accounts offlineimap only syncs the first one. After syncing it immediately starts idling on that. The second one neither get's refreshed nor idled.

Maybe "accounts" or "maxsyncaccounts" are not set properly in the [general]
config section?


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