State of IMAP<->IMAP sync.

Erik Quaeghebeur offlineimap at
Sun Oct 20 23:27:56 BST 2013

> [...] your patch. It sounds like it would be very useful (required?)
> for IMAP <-> IMAP to be considered complete. [...]
> I'd love it if you could pick that up again and get it into
> mainline.

Ok. I forked offlineimap on Github:

and applied the patch to 6.5.5, the current head.

The current offlineimap maintainers should tell me when I should send a 
pull request to the main repo. Perhaps immediately and then discussion 
can move to the comments on that pull request.

> Let me know if I can help with testing.

Well, clone my fork locally and run offlineimap from that clone to sync
a test folder between some imap servers; change different (types of) 
flags on one and see whether/how they get synced. Then report back here. 
(I did this and it worked nicely for me, but my test environment, i.e., 
IMAP severs I have access to, is limited. One thing I didn't test yet is 
non-ascii flags.)



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