Getting an error when trying to sync Drafts

Mandar Mitra mandar.mitra at
Tue Jan 7 12:31:54 GMT 2014

Trey Sizemore wrote (Sun, May 05, 2013 at 10:52:58PM -0400):
> I have my mail setup locally in my home folder at ~/.mail/fastmail/
> and the following in my .muttrc (which is likely wrong.  I realize it's
> not consistent and looking for guidance):
> set mbox_type=Maildir
> set folder="~/.mail/fastmail/"
> set mask="!^\\.[^.]"
> set mbox="~/.mail/fastmail/"
> set record="+Sent Items"
> set postponed="~/.mail/fastmail/INBOX.drafts"
> set spoolfile="~/.mail/fastmail/INBOX"

I have the following in my .muttrc to access a maildir kept in sync with
Gmail via offlineimap.

set postponed=+"[Gmail].Drafts"
set record=+"[Gmail].Sent Mail"

This works fine for me, so the problem could be at the fastmail end of
things, rather than mutt or offlineimap.


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