Sync -> Mails there. Sync -> mails gone

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Thu Jan 29 16:49:21 GMT 2015

Glad we got this working :-)


Am 29. Januar 2015 17:38:49 MEZ, schrieb Matthias Beyer <mail at>:
>Oh my god, this/it works.
>What I did:
>I did what Sebastian told me below: I created a separate folder for my
>testing account:
>On 29-01-2015 17:19:24, Sebastian Spaeth wrote:
>> Actually what I would do, is to use several base directories for the
>> local maildir and sync each account without any nametrans rules at
>    mkdir ~/.mail/blaweb
>I removed all nametrans stuff from the config and point everything for
>this account to the ~/.mail/blaweb directory.
>So, I guess I will stick with this solution.
>Thank you all for helping me out on this issue!
>Now I can continue transforming my other mail account to this solution
>and then transforming my main mail account (which is still POP,
>though) for using imap and everything...
>Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
>Kind regards,
>Matthias Beyer
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