<DKIM> Python 2 EOL

Nicolas Bock nicolasbock at gmail.com
Thu Jan 9 02:58:55 GMT 2020

On Wed, Jan 08 2020, Nicolas Sebrecht wrote:

> On Wed, Jan 08, 2020 at 12:12:30PM -0700, Nicolas Bock wrote:
>> Thanks Nicolas! I understand, this is a big effort.
>> In terms of functionality is imapfw already useable? I have to admit I
>> haven't tried it so far.
> imapfw is not ready at all and won't sync anything. Actually, I plan to
> rewrite the core of the current code and possibliy restart it from
> scratch, partly because python3 has evolved since the beginning of
> imapfw. So, it's still time to write its core better (no public API to
> maintain, the code base is not too large, etc).
> That's the idea. Sadly, I can't provide more than sharing my intends for
> now and I can't give a date for my next contribution to imapfw.
> That's one of the reasons why I still maintain offlineimap. I hope this
> will help users as much as possible during the transitional period.

Thanks for keeping offlineimap alive!

Out of curiosity, have you looked into getting offlineimap
to run under Python 3? How much effort would that be?



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