<DKIM> Python 2 EOL

Robert Wolf r.wolf.debian at atlas.cz
Thu Jan 9 09:38:39 GMT 2020


> Thanks for keeping offlineimap alive!

Me too thank you all for maintaining offlineimap.

> Out of curiosity, have you looked into getting offlineimap
> to run under Python 3? How much effort would that be?

I had exactly same idea. Would it be easier just fix some python2-only code to 
python3 instead of waiting several months (maybe years) for imapfw to be 
finished and then another few months to test it and fix all bugs? I have read 
about new imapfw at the project start and I know it could be good project, but 
just now, offlineimap does everything, what I need and I know, it does it 
correct without bugs. So I would prefer to keep using offlineimap with python3.

Once more, thank you all for maintaining offlineimap.


Robert Wolf.

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