<DKIM> Python 2 EOL

Robert Wolf r.wolf.debian at atlas.cz
Fri Jan 10 10:29:57 GMT 2020

> > > I had exactly same idea. Would it be easier just fix some
> > > python2-only code to python3 instead of waiting several
> > >
> >
> > Supporting python3 in offlineimap is not just a matter of some bug
> > fixes.
> > We've started the developments to introduce python3 support in
> > offlineimap years ago.  However, the step to get this done is very high
> > and the task is very complicated.  There've been 3 (very serious)
> > attempts from experienced developers. I'm not counting some other small
> > attempts. All failed.
> I can imagine, I didn't expect it to be easy :)

Oh God! I thought foolish it needs only to update some syntax changes, but
this looks really terrible!

Yes I know, today is very cool and *in* to write every week new software, but 
for stable projects, it's important to write a code once and then update only 
bugs in this code and add new features. And not to rewrite the code because of 
the langauge change.

So once more, thank you for the maintaining offlineimap and please, keep it



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