Full download on each sync (takes ~70 min)

Brad Camroux bgcamroux at gmail.com
Mon Sep 6 21:33:47 BST 2021

Hi there,

I've recently started using offlineimap and, while I like it, 
there is this one issue I can't seem to get around.

I'm running on ArchLinux 5.13.13-arch1-1, and my current 
installation is offlineimap version 7.3.4-1. I am using this to 
sync my Gmail account.

Now that I've been able to get things working it seems that each 
time I want to sync with my Gmail, offlineimap starts downloading 
everything. I have set it up as a systemd service, but I don't 
think that should matter, and it was doing this when I would 
manually start the sync from the command line.

Any suggestions would be welcome, as I really don't want to be 
running an hour-long process every time I want to download new 
mail. I'm hoping it is not something super simple in the config 
that I have missed.

Brad Camroux

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