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Daniel Neuberger daniel.neuberger at dass-it.de
Sat Nov 9 10:28:08 UTC 2013

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Betreff:     Talk about the new fork Bareos
Datum:     Tue, 03 Sep 2013 21:59:31 +0200
Von:     Daniel Neuberger <daniel.neuberger at dass-it.de>
An:     jhr at debian.org

Hello Jan,

my name is Daniel and I am one of the persons who are involved in the
new Bacula Fork called Bareos. I m a really like to work with debian
which was my first distribution with i learned linux five years ago. I m
also working with bacula  over two years now.  Marco van Wieringen and
Philipp Storz (Bacula Book) are some of the main developers at the moment.

I really like bacula and the fork was the only opportunity to reactivate
the community and to keep it a live. We did not just only fork the code
we also started to redisgn the code and we implement a lot of new
features. We already published debian packages.
I contact you because there are some persons in the irc who means that 
there is a situation like mysql and mariadb because bacula systems takes
part of the open source code or patches from the community and put them
in the closed source version.

It would be nice if we can talk about to implement bareos into debian,
maybe you are interessted to maintain the packages or we are open for
what you suggest.
Maybe we can chat or something else about to talk about the opportunities.

We already have finished packages which you can find unter
download.bareos.org . We would like to have a clean transition from
bacula to bareos in debian, so our and your user can benefit from the
new code base.

You can reach me via jabber on xtruthx at debianforum.de .

You will find more informations about bareos on http://bareos.org

Best Regards


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