[pkg-bacula-devel] [pkg-bacula-commits] [bacula] 01/01: Enable automatic restarting of daemons with systemd (part 1)

Carsten Leonhardt leo at debian.org
Sat Jul 16 15:44:44 UTC 2016

Hi Sven,

>     The bacula-director on the other hand is spread across a
>     bacula-director-common and bacula-director-$DBTYPE package.
>     The restart can't happen via bacula-director-common/prerm and
>     .../postinst but has to happen in bacula-director-$DBTYPE/prerm and
>     .../postinst.

it's on my TODO list to straighten out the distribution of files across
the packages. Some files are in several packages, which doesn't seem to
make much sense. We'll see if above will get better then.


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