[pkg-bacula-devel] Weekly auto-rebuild of master

Sven Hartge sven at svenhartge.de
Sat Nov 24 18:32:28 GMT 2018

On 24.11.18 19:27, Carsten Leonhardt wrote:

>> Just FYI: I enabled a schedule which does an automatic rebuild of the
>> master branch every Sunday at 04:00, hopefully enabling us to get a hint
>> about possible FTBFS and other bugs due to changes in Debian unstable.
> that sounds good and similar to https://ci.debian.net/packages/b/bacula/
> with the exception that I don't know if ci.debian.net send notifications
> about failures.

We will see what ci.debian.net does (and disable the one in Gitlab if it

But DebCI will only work on released packages, whereas the Gitlab one
will work on the current master branch, which may (or may not) contain
yet unreleased stuff.


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