[Pkg-exim4-users] Dropping support for users of Debianhowto-vexim

Andreas Barth aba at not.so.argh.org
Wed Nov 30 14:29:10 UTC 2005

* Phillip Baker (phil at lchost.co.uk) [051130 15:22]:
> > This, combined with a very rough attitude in the maintainers 
> > of said FAQ/HOWTO, leads to Marcs (understandable) frustration.
> Indeed, and frankly if he's been supporting them at all then credit where
> it's due because I wouldn't have bothered - there are plenty of resources
> for vexim (such as the vexim mailing list and wiki itself) that people
> should be using if they're having problems with vexim. Why not just refer
> people to that? (Rather than 'if you're using vexim, go away' or similar in
> the docs / on the mailing list description).

There has been some discussions with the HOWTOs-maintainers off-list,
where they clearly stated that this bad note was never approved by the
maintainers, and that they would like to improve that Howto.


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