[pymvpa] problem importing sg on Ubuntu Linux

James M. Hughes james.m.hughes at Dartmouth.EDU
Fri Jul 11 15:14:19 UTC 2008

HI all,

Just wanted to give everyone a quick heads-up about a problem I  
encountered attemping to import some parts of PyMVPA for which sg  
(i.e. shogun library) was a dependency (on 64-bit Ubuntu).  I updated  
my PyMVPA version yseterday to the latest distro from the Uni  
Magdeburg repository (0.2.2) and was fixing my imports when I got the  
following error:

when attempting to import mvpa.clfs.sg.svm.SVM, this came up:

"mpd"  : (shogun.Classifier.MPDSVM, '')

AttributeError:  'module' object has no attribute 'MPDSVM'

I thought perhaps I just didn't have the shogun libraries, but after  
checking Synaptic, it seems they were installed as a dependency with  
0.2.2.  I did import shogun directly into python and checked the  
shogun.Classifiers package, and it seems there is no MPDSVM  
whatsoever.  Commenting out the line above from mvpa/clfs/sg/svm.py  
fixed the import error (but might have caused other trouble).

Is this an Ubuntu-specific problem?  The shogun package that was  
downloaded is 'shogun-python-modular'.

Sorry if everyone's already aware of this issue -- just thought I'd  
give people a heads-up.



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