[pymvpa] problem importing sg on Ubuntu Linux

Yaroslav Halchenko debian at onerussian.com
Fri Jul 11 15:48:11 UTC 2008

I pushed the fix into my branch (yoh/master), so if you like to use this
development version instead of the released one,

please see
on how to get sources, which is just

 git clone git://git.debian.org/git/pkg-exppsy/pymvpa.git
 cd pymvpa

then get my branch

 git checkout origin/yoh/master

and then just build it


and export the path to this localcopy

now you should be able to use bleeding edge PyMVPA 

On Fri, 11 Jul 2008, James M. Hughes wrote:

> HI all,

> Just wanted to give everyone a quick heads-up about a problem I  
> encountered attemping to import some parts of PyMVPA for which sg  
> (i.e. shogun library) was a dependency (on 64-bit Ubuntu).  I updated  
> my PyMVPA version yseterday to the latest distro from the Uni  
> Magdeburg repository (0.2.2) and was fixing my imports when I got the  
> following error:

> when attempting to import mvpa.clfs.sg.svm.SVM, this came up:

> "mpd"  : (shogun.Classifier.MPDSVM, '')

> AttributeError:  'module' object has no attribute 'MPDSVM'

> I thought perhaps I just didn't have the shogun libraries, but after  
> checking Synaptic, it seems they were installed as a dependency with  
> 0.2.2.  I did import shogun directly into python and checked the  
> shogun.Classifiers package, and it seems there is no MPDSVM  
> whatsoever.  Commenting out the line above from mvpa/clfs/sg/svm.py  
> fixed the import error (but might have caused other trouble).

> Is this an Ubuntu-specific problem?  The shogun package that was  
> downloaded is 'shogun-python-modular'.

> Sorry if everyone's already aware of this issue -- just thought I'd  
> give people a heads-up.

> Thoughts?

> Cheers,
> James.

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