[pymvpa] Change of repository layout

Yaroslav Halchenko debian at onerussian.com
Sat Sep 27 19:16:34 UTC 2008

> maint/?.?
>   Upstream maintenance branches. Bugfixes and documentation enhancements
>   for the current ?.? release go here and will later on be released as
>   ?.?.? minor releases.
I am not clear on what would be a destiny of this one... bug fixes
usually go into some master and later cherry picked or just merged into
main master...

>   For releases in Debian proper we would usually only have a
>   'dist/debian/proper/sid' branch that contains the most recent upstream
may be better to have dist/debian/{etch,sid}/{bp,proper} ? ie flip two

>   For simplicity I would simply put stuff like 'hardy' and 'gutsy' under
>   'dist/debian/bp/' as well. There is not really a differences wrt
>   the environment.
agree... especially since ubuntu people might introduce their
'improvement' changes (ie changes of maintainer and adding 'support' for
python 100.0 prior to its release), so our ubuntu packaging would
diverge from theirs

> Morever, IMHO we can keep the current tag scheme: upstream/<version> for
> upstream releases and debian/<debian_version> for Debian packages.
how do we tag release/backport specific tags? add it into the version

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